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Bstriker manages static and dynamic testing activities through the entire development process. It helps companies to implement both Agile or Structured Testing process. Bstriker ALTM allows users to connect with other tools they are already using and to coordinate teams and information from one centralized application as well as executing automated test cases in all browsers and operating systems with one click.

Professional Software Testing

The main testing goal is to measure accurately the level of Quality of an application. Bstriker ALTM allows users to keep all items involved under control and measure the quality of applications without mistakes.

why its necessary to use a test management tool

The test management tool contributes to organize documentation, code, teams and stakeholders involved. Bstriker - test management tool provides the test team with a set of features to easily manage and coordinate efficiently the entire testing process. One of the main features is the BRAIN assisting the user.

This tool follows the international testing standards.

Bstriker provides the most powerful and versatile Test Management software in the market. Following the idea that the tool has to be flexible enough to adapt to any methodology, Bstriker provides a user-friendly, easy to adapt application providing real time information with specific testing metrics.

Beside other properties it can be easily linked to other tools already being used such as Jira.

Some features are:

Professional Test Manager with auto-guidance features.
Selenium script creation and execution on Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari on any OS and Mobile interfaces. Using HTMLdriver or Webdriver.
Full Traceability (Requirements, Use Case, Test Case, Defects (Bug tracker), any documentation).
Easy to understand Dashboard available 24/7.
Information accessible from mobile devices.
Integrates with 3rd party tools bi-directionally.
A risk-based approach to plan and prioritize testing activities.
Knowledge Center optimizing all testing activities
Re-usable Manual or automated test cases.
Defect Management.
Defects created and communicated automatically.
Both Formal and Informal communication between teams.
Continuous Improvement Metrics.
Notifications and Many other features!
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Our Value Proposition provides all benefits for users to get the best out of the Testing Process reducing costs and investments.