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Responsable de Control de Procesos » Tarjeta Nevada
"Just over a year ago, we applied to the continuous improvement program oriented processes launched by our Company. As a result of this work, we noted the need to rethink our approach and align it the formal standards of quality control. We decided then that this task performed almost intuitively, methods and techniques of our own making and outside systematic testing fees, should turn to the pursuit of higher quality, understanding that quality is a virtue that begins at home. We identify ourselves as a service sector aiming to ensure the excellence of the products that our internal and external customers receive. In this sense, we find in Bstriker ALTM a tool that offers the possibility to simplify testing procedures. The purpose is to provide transparent results and that users perceive such transparency. Our team of testers finds in Bstriker ALTM optimum support for all testing process to be documented, since its reception to start testing to control the conformity of the end user. Bstriker ALTM features are easily accessible. It shows a panoramic overview of each project: the percentage of completion, your testing times, the team, the detected bugs. With regards to the management of bugs, we consider primordial facilitate fluid communication with Development, which is being implemented exchange with this sector of faults detected in real time. As for the administration of roles, Bstriker ALTM offers flexibility. This ensures that several projects can be undertaken simultaneously. That is, an advanced tester can, in turn, manage a project and other designs with complete autonomy and clarity. Each member can view the progress of their work in the way that enables you to use your time in terms of meeting the objectives. To Process Control, Bstriker ALTM is a dynamic and flexible tool. It gives us the opportunity to professionalize our work, improve response times and maximize the use of our resources. Means an tool that facilitates the way we undertook to quality. And that quality, for us, should manifest itself in the confidence of our customers. "

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Magister Hugo Fernando Frías, » Director
" As Director of the Systems Analyst Career, together with teachers at the beginning of 2015, we decided to include a testing tool for students to practice, to enable them to acquire skills not just about Software Testing but also about the best practices in that discipline.
According to the experience of some of us and an opportunity provided by Mr. Sergio Cusmai, we decided to start a series of Software Testing trainings with the company Bstriker. These trainings introduced students very deeply into the subject and after some time the tool was implemented for students to practice.
The flexibility of integration, ease of test automation, tracking of manual test cases and assistance about testing standards were the most important features of the tool mentioned.
After a year of use, we did not detect "errors" with the tool neither stability nor performance failures.
It is gratifying to see the evolution of the tool by integrating it with other products such as JIRA, selenium and be part of this process of collaboration between private and academic sectors. "

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