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What's a Social Tester ?

It's a user that access our community to participate in one or many available projects. It's not mandatory for a social tester to have technical knowledge. The community offers to its users the projects matching their knowledge, environment, reputation and other applicable criteria.
The community provides the necessary tools for a Social Tester to grow professionally and become selectable for more demanding projects.
Being part of the community guarantees that the Social Testers will be compensated according to the conditions of the project. One of the popular condition is to get paid per bug detected.

why to become a Social Tester

Major benefits are:
* Freedom.
* Test when you are available.
* Get paid.
* Improve your skills.
* Test cool new applications.
* Decide which projects are interesting for you.
* Grow professionaly.

How to become a Social Tester

It's easy and fast. You can log in with your Facebook, Linkedin Account or register and obtain the Bstriker Account.
Once you are part of the community, the better your complete your profile the more invitations to be part of a project you will receive.
When you participate of a project, or take an exam, your reputation starts to grow. The reputation allows you to be part of exclusive projects.
It's important that you confirm that your payment details are correct.