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Team Members

All the teams are specialists and they are focussed on excelling at their duties. Team members are Senior Specialist with many years of experience.

Some of the team members are helping in more than one team. Every single team member pursuits the same Bstriker Values: Transparency, Honesty and Commitment.

These are BStriker team members.

Seasoned test arena entrepreneur and visionary, Co-Founder and QA Manager at QAustral S.A., as CEO at Nimbuzz Argentina S.A. setup the subsidiary that provided Testing and Development services to HQ located in Rotterdam. QA Manager for a British Company (London), Lecturer at National Technological University, Teacher of Software Tester Diploma at UES XXI, First diploma of testing approved by the Ministry of Education of Argentina, ISTQB Certified, Harvard Business School in New Delhi, International lecturer in Software Testing.

Sergio Emanuel Cusmai
CEO & Founder


Ambassadors are committed investors that learnt about BStriker activities and applications and wants to share that knowledge within their network or any interested party. They are always open to do so face-to-face. This team is based in The Netherlands.

Dick Zonneveld Dick Zonneveld
Ingrid Kleiman Ingrid Kleiman
Lars Boelen Lars Boelen
Menno De Gans Menno de Gans


Business Developers are based in different locations. All of them have mostly technical background which makes it easier for them to share and explaing the implicances of proper Software Testing.

Fernando Frias Fernando Frias
INTESSA Intessa - Marcelo Ceballos
Vincent Williams Vincent Williams


Finance team main goal is to keep Administration and Finances fully transparent. The team members used to work in both large an small corporations making that experience valuable for BStriker.

Anton Van Binsbergen Anton van Binsbergen
Dick Zonneveld Dick Zonneveld
Maria Laura Perez Limpias


BStriker Software Development team has a mix of talent, Front and Backend Developers, Community Managers and Testers. They have created a master piece and they continue to evolve it.

Maria Laura Perez Limpias Maria Laura Perez Limpias
Pablo Adolfo Echeverria Pablo Echeverria
Federico Bett Gustavo Federico Bett
Sebastian Bachmann Sebastian Bachmann
Eugenio Berzal Eugenio Berzal
Romina Weidmann Romina Weidmann