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What Bstriker stands for ? ↑ Top

Bstriker stands for: Bug Striker as a synonym of Bug Hunter. It also stands for Being a Striker as in: scoring when a defect is detected.


What's Bstriker ? ↑ Top

Its a Dutch Company, registered in Amsterdam, focused on providing tools to the companies willing to implement Professional Software Testing easily.


Whats the goal of Professional Software Testing ? ↑ Top

To identify the max amount of defects with the minimum effort. There are several Testing standards but the most important premise is that Test Cases with High importance are executed first.


What’s different between Bstriker ALTM and the existing test managers ? ↑ Top

There are several differences, Bstriker ALTM guides users to implement effective testing procedures, suggest standards and how to document specific items such as Test Plans, Test Cases among Others. It also recommends which Testing technique is more effective to test a certain object based on its nature. Creates realtime dashboards of testing metrics accesible from Mobile devices 24/7. Bstriker ALTM keeps on learning and improving its suggestions.
Its useful to apply Agile or structured methodologies. It provides full visibility to the testing activities and traceability between all the componentes involved even if other tools are involved gathering all the information and creating one unified centre of knowledge for all stakeholders.


Who are Bstriker ALTM competitors ? ↑ Top

There are very good and solid Test Managers in the market. Bstriker includes all parts involved in the software development lifecycle and suggest companies how to implement Professional testing which is something not done by any other tool in the market. Thats the reason of why Bstriker cannot be compared.
For a list of Test Management tools visit the following link: Wikipedia


What’s the benefit of using Bstriker ALTM ? ↑ Top

Some of the benefits are: Professional Approach, Common center of knowledge, faster test cases execution and coordination, effective Test Execution, clear and easy to understand reports for continuous improvement, Testers are being helped in their duties, one tool coordinating the entire testing activities, Cost Reduction and many others.


How long it takes to get the application fully installed ? ↑ Top

Bstriker ALTM can be used as SAAS or on premise.
* To use it as SAAS it takes less than 1 hour.
* To use it on premise it takes about 4 hours.


What’s the benefit of using Bstriker Crowd testing community ? ↑ Top

To cover several platforms, more regions, languages and environments that won’t be possible otherwise.
Its also cheap for companies.
Bstriker provides different plans but the most popular approach is the pay-per-bug-found.


What’s the process to buy licenses ? ↑ Top

Contact Bstriker and you’ll be offered a free trial while you are explained about the licenses options and plans.
Bstriker provides free training sessions.


How to contact Bstriker for further information or comments ? ↑ Top

These are Bstriker contact details:
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* Phone: +31 (0)20 4919811