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What's Social Testing or Crowd Testing?

I's a mix of Crowdsourcing and Cloud Platform where testing activities are performed by a number of Testers with different profile from different locations not hired by the owner of the project. The project is tested under real conditions which makes testing more reliable and cost-effective.
This method is user centric and helps companies to cover more platforms optimizing their budget.

why to become part of the crowd:

Major benefits are:

* Test in Real Conditions: Members of the crowd uses their real devices.
* Realtime metrics: Available in easy to understand graphs.
* Set your project conditions. (Duration, Compensation, Communication)
* Define the profile of your crowd. (Language, Knowledge, Devices, Location)
* Control your budget.
* Receive Notifications.
* Agile method.

How to submit a project for Social Testing

The users of our ALTM have this option available. If your company is not using our ALTM then by accessing the Social Testing platform there is a very simple form to fill in.
Once the information has been submitted there is a level of approval where BStriker calls the company to finish the process. After this point the company manage its projects from the panel of the site and its ready to interact with the crowd of testers by making projects available for testing. One of the most popular compensation for testers is to pay per bug confirmed by the company. If you want more information about how Social testing works contact us.